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Bouquets that are aqua packed

Remove all packaging but leave the stems tied. Place them in a clean vase of fresh water. The water should be high enough to reach the shortest stem.


Flowers with loose stems

The first step towards making cut flowers last longer is to quickly place them in water. This will prevent them from wilting.

If the bottom of the flower stems are dry, place in water. Cut 1-2 cm from the bottom; this will allow the water to travel freely up the stems.


General guidelines

  • Change the water if it has become cloudy or add water when required.
  • Keep in a well ventilated area.
  • Keep away from hot or cold air drafts and hot spots (windows, radiators, direct heat, or television sets).
  • Keep away from fruit; apples produce ethylene gas, a hormone that causes senescence.
  • Flower arrangements made in floral foam should be topped up with water regularly.